Top Tips on Doing Business in China

I have been to China too often to recollect, with my first visit in the last part of the 80’s while working for Ford Motor organization, and it has certainly changed over the course of the years including how you carry on with work.

Almost immediately I felt there were four sorts of organizations you could work with

  1. State possessed
  2. Taiwan/HK/Chinese possessed/early business visionaries
  3. Asian claimed/Joint Ventures for example Japanese
  4. Western organizations, knowing they should be in China

Throughout the long term these four have obscured however I feel actually exist

So here are the top tips…

‘Face’ is basic in China. Try not to set them in a position where they need to say no and lose ‘Face’

Accept nothing. The most calm and unassuming individual in the meeting perhaps the most influential

Hold business cards with two hands, don’t put the business card away or place it face down, show interest in the business card and clarify pressing issues, acknowledge offers for dinner (this is the place where the relationship will be constructed)

Have the option to settle on quick choices as you will lose validity on the off chance that you can’t

Go fully intent on doing business not simply a benchmarking exercise

Assuming that you are planning an outing, anticipate that everything should accept two times the length in the west, go for quality meetings not amount – Don’t be a bustling bonehead!

In the event that you are approaching a provider/organization interestingly, reach skyward up in the authoritative construction. The framework is incredibly various leveled and choices are made high up. Essentially, you really want a leader.

Comprehend that you should make more than one visit or have more than one meeting.

You can’t simply fly in and fly out and anticipate achievement.

Assuming it is a key meeting take a neighborhood interpreter who you trust and you are paying for

Construct a nearby infrastructure you can believe which might have to include Logistics, QA, Lab testing and so on to represent you for when you are not there

Get the dangers – Supply Chain, IP, Quality and all the more significantly plan to alleviate the dangers

Comprehend the complete expense of doing business (TCO) not simply cost and conveyance

Ensure the organization you are dealing with gets that

Quality is imperative to you – visit the industrial facility for at minimum the initial 3 creation runs

Ultimately 3 P’s Patience, Patience and more Patience

Best of luck and incredible business, recall you will commit errors simply gain from these and you will live it up!

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