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India offers travelers from eligible countries the opportunity to get an electronic journey authorization to go into the u . S . A .. The eVisa for India may be effortlessly received through a web software supplying primary biographical information and their passport facts.

What is the India eVisa?

On November 27th of 2014, the government of India added the Electronic Travel Authorization which first became to be had for residents of 40 nations and become called ETA. In August 2015, the eVisa scheme changed into elevated and is now provided to nationals of 169 international locations. The India eVisa is issued for tourism, journeying friends and circle of relatives, short time period scientific treatment and enterprise visits.

On April 1st, 2017, the electronic authorization changed into renamed eVisa and has three subcategories: traveller, business and clinical eVisa for India. Each type of Indian visa may be obtained with the aid of filling out a form.


The Indian eVisa is an internet travel authorization that simplifies the procedure of obtaining a visa to go to India. The Indian electronic visa can be quickly received after finishing an online shape with the traveler’s private information and passport data.


EVisa for India

Indian visa validity and expiration

The validity of the eVisa will rely upon the type of electronic visa that the traveler obtains to visit India. The e-Tourist visa will furnish a continuous live of as much as ninety days, excluding america, the UK, Canada, and Japan. Citizens of these four international locations may be granted a continuous live of as much as 180 days. The e-Business visa, every visit ought to no longer exceed a 180-day length.


how to apply for india evisa The validity period for a visitor visa and business visa is 1 year from the approval date, except the e-Medical Patient and the e-Medical Companion visas that have a validity of 60 days.


The Indian digital visa may be used to enter thru 28 targeted airports and five seaports. Foreign traffic must arrive in India before the eVisa expires. This sort of visa can’t be extended and it isn’t always valid for journey to restricted areas.


All tourists who apply for this digital Indian visa are required to hold a replica in their authorised eVisa always in the course of their stay.


It is important that the applicant’s passport is valid for at the least six months from the predicted date of arrival in India. Passports have to have at the least  blank pages because the immigration and border control government will stamp the document upon entry and departure.

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