How to Supply AdBlue to Your Fleet

In most cases, passenger cars with diesel engines feature the AdBlue technology. This is a water-based urea solution that is injected into the exhaust system after the particulate filter has been replaced. The SCR catalyst transforms the injected AdBlue into ammonia and a small amount of carbon dioxide. The ammonia then reacts with nitrogen oxides in the exhaust to produce water and nitrogen gas, two non-hazardous substances. This reaction occurs quickly and is harmless to humans.

There are a number of ways to supply your fleet or business with AdBlue. Depending on the size of your fleet, you can buy AdBlue in bulk. Rix Petroleum has a wide range of options for purchasing bulk AdBlue. For example, if you are looking to top up your car or maintain a fleet of trucks, you can buy a 1,000 litre IBC and a 205-litre barrel. You can also purchase individual 10-litre packs and store them in smaller storage facilities.

There are a number of ways to supply AdBlue. Depending on your business needs, you can purchase a five-litre bottle and fill it up yourself. This way, you won’t have to buy a funnel to fill the bottle. Your fleet’s consumption will vary, but in general, your vehicles will require about a litre of AdBlue every 350 miles or 600 miles. If you’re running a commercial fleet, you can buy a 10 litre bottle and store it in your company’s garage or shed.

AdBlue is most commonly sold in large 205-litre barrels, which cost less per litre than the smaller 10-litre packs. The bulk AdBlue will have to be stored at a temperature between 11 and 30 degrees Celsius. Alternatively, you can buy it in a single 205-litre barrel or 1,000-litre IBC, which will cost you less per liter. Then, you can dispense it directly into your trucks.

If you are considering buying an AdBlue truck, you may have concerns about the cost. Because the price of the product depends on the raw materials, you might need to pay a little extra compared to a cheaper alternative. However, the added cost of the product is worth the benefits. You will reduce emissions by using AdBlue in your fleet, which will improve its MPG. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about safety when buying bulk urea.

If you want to buy bulk AdBlue, you can save money by buying it in IBCs. They are cheaper per litre than the 10-litre packs, which is convenient for businesses that use diesel frequently. If you’re running a fleet of trucks, you can order bulk AdBlue for your fleet. Then, you can top up your cars whenever they need. With these tanks, you’ll never need to worry about the cost of fuel again.

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