How to Maintain Stucco

The durability of stucco depends on the number of layers applied. Three-layered stucco is said to be the most durable. It consists of a metal lath overlaid with two coats of stucco, with a third coat of colored or textured stucco. Despite the durability, stucco can still be a challenging material to maintain. It may develop small cracks over time, but if it is cleaned regularly, it will not require repair.

In addition to the need to protect against moisture, stucco must also be protected from the elements. To protect stucco from moisture, a weather barrier should be used. A vapor-permeable, water-resistant barrier is typically made from asphalt-saturated paper or manufactured plastic-based sheets. This barrier is then applied to the surface. The surface is then sealed to prevent water from penetrating. This step is critical to the durability of the finished product.

Rising damp can cause damage to stucco by damaging its surface. The stucco will separate from the damp wood lath, which can cause stains. This further exacerbates the deterioration of the substrate beneath it. It is crucial to maintain proper guttering to prevent damage and staining. Correct soil grading can also keep excess moisture away from the building and stucco. If you don’t follow these precautions, the damage to your home will be permanent.

If your stucco is cracked, it may be a sign that it’s time for a stucco repair. If the problem is not too severe, you can apply another coat of stucco. To avoid any further problems, you can remove the loose stucco. In some cases, a new layer of stucco will be installed over the damaged lath. However, if the original wall is older than 20 years, it may be better to replace the lath instead of installing a new mesh. If the underlying materials are still intact, it is important to clean the surfaces before applying the next layer of stucco.

After the brown coat, the stucco is primed. After this, the final coat of stucco is called the brown coat. It consists of sand, cement, and lime. The cement is mixed with sand and water to create a concrete base for the stucco. A concrete-based finish can be added to the surface of the stucco. In the end, it is up to you to decide what type of finish you want for your stucco.

In case of an issue with the stucco, it is necessary to remove the affected materials. In some cases, there may be a need for replacement. If the damage is too severe, you should consider replacing the entire surface. The repairs should be carried out carefully to ensure that the structure is safe to use. It is a good idea to follow the guidelines laid out by the manufacturer. This way, you’ll be assured of quality and longevity.

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