How do I print my own business cards?

Choose your shape

If you’ve already determined on a traditional rectangular business card, you may skip ahead to the second one step. If, however, you want to study all of your alternatives, even out of doors-the-box strategies, hold reading.


As printing strategies grow extra advanced and cheap, professionals have extra room to discover opportunity shapes. The printing method of die-slicing allows you to cut out any form you need and nevertheless print in bulk.


But in case you really want to be playful or stand-out, you could use definitely any form: animal mascots, outlines of products your sell, or a form that’s thoroughly original.


You may even build your complete enterprise card subject matter round smart reducing. Cireson’s enterprise card design uses shape to definitely spotlight the employee image, giving them a greater personable and therefore approachable sense.


Whether or no longer to use innovative shapes depends at the photo you want to deliver. Special shapes make you appear extra amusing and assist you’re making an impact, but can have an negative effect on greater formal industries. You’ll additionally want to hold in thoughts logistics, including how the card suits in a wallet.


You may additionally want to revisit the option of die-slicing after finalizing your layout in step 6. For example, a few companies inclusive of STIR above want to die-cut areas in their brand.


Choose your length

Your next decision is the size of the Black Business Cards. This frequently relies upon on the usual of the united states, in order that’s an amazing area to begin. Even if you plan to face out, you have to know what all people else is doing to move towards it.


North American Standard: 3.5 × 2 in. (88.9 × 50.Eight mm)

European Standard: 3.346 × 2.165 in. (eighty five × fifty five mm)

Oceania Standard:  three.54 × 2.165 in. (90 × fifty five mm)

No matter the size, you continually need to take into account 3 elements when designing:


Bleed vicinity: the outermost a part of the card possibly to be removed.

Trim line: the goal line for cutting cards.

Safety line: something outside this line is difficulty to reducing errors. Don’t allow crucial elements like textual content or emblems fall out of doors this line.

Take a study the following guide to discover the ideal length of the business card whilst contemplating bleed, trim and protection strains.


While those areas range relying on the dimensions and printer, a secure wager is to set the trim line at 0.One hundred twenty five in. (3 mm) from the brink. From there, set the protection line at 0.One hundred twenty five in. (three mm) from the trim line. That’s zero.250 in (6 mm) overall from the threshold of the bleed region to the inside of the safety vicinity.

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