Colored Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are a wonderful way to change the color of your eyes. They can make your eyes look lighter or darker. They can even be used to correct eye defects caused by congenital or acquired diseases. If you’d like to wear contacts to enhance your natural eye color, consider customizing your lens to match your eye’s color. To get the most natural looking results, choose a tint that complements your skin tone.

When choosing the right color and tint, consider the type of eyes you have. If you have korean colored contact lenses AU dark eyes, consider wearing dark colored tints. Lighter lenses will look more natural on light skin. If you have a light skin tone, try wearing a brighter lens. If you have sensitive eyes, bright colored lenses will help you stand out and create a striking look. If you’re unsure about your eye color, you can order custom-colored lenses from a manufacturer.

When purchasing a pair of colored contacts, remember to get a prescription. You should be fitted for them by an optometrist who will measure your eye’s shape, iris, and pupil. Your eye doctor will also check your eye’s overall health. The FDA requires all sellers to check your prescription before selling a pair of lenses. You should never buy lenses without a prescription. The only way to be sure your purchase is safe is to visit your eye care professional or an FDA consumer complaint center.

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