A List Of The Most Common Electrical Services

Certified personel
Our technicians are completely qualified to neighborhood standards like NEN 1010, 3140 and ATEX. Furthermore our offshore technicians are skilled with BOSIET training direction. When protection and exceptional for your set up is involved there may be no compromise and all our co-people are absolutely aware of this.

We are dealer of several manufacturers like Mitsubishi and WEG electrical cars. We can provide the proper gear and equipment this is needed for the job

Parts & Spares
At, we know that it’s miles critical to have spare components on board in case of failure for your systems. We have a incredible expertise of components and we are able to find your elements & spares. We are provider for Electrical Services, but we provide a extensive scale of components (replacements) of numerous different brands.

Our switchboard department is specialised in the design and manufacture of energy-switchboards, distribution and segment panels. Manufacture of manipulate consoles, automation table and panels are the obligation of this department as well.

Service on the cross
Flying squads have immediate availability to board vessels at sea to be able to address
digital and electric emergencies. Wherever in the world you happen to be, we will land our specialists on board that will help you out.

Overhaul, rewinding and reconditioning of marine motors and generators. Removal, refitting and transportation from basis to motor restore save en vice versa are the obligation of our organization

It offers a wide variety of repair services on marine electric structures of all sort of vessels. We offer overhaul, rewinding and reconditioning of marine automobiles and mills. Removal, refitting and transportation from basis to motor repair store en vice versa are the duty of UMSG

Test middle
It is obligatory to frequently take a look at your low voltage circuit breakers for proper behaviour beneath overload and fault situations. Primary injection trying out is the best manner of providing a unique and actual take a look at of over current devices and modern-day transformers.

Highly educated expert contractors can provide understanding in most kinds of electric paintings to help keep your property and family secure. From easy maintenance, improvements, inspections and installations to foremost rewiring tasks, start with a unfastened quote from the professionals. You can rest clean knowing that every one electric paintings can be predicted and accomplished by way of certified contractors.

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