6 Different Types of Pool-Cleaning Systems

Dolphin X40 Plus

Advance to a new pool cleaning enjoy with superior robotic pool cleanser that brings even more ease and freedom to the advanced skills of the Dolphin robots. Navigate your Dolphin X40 PLUS via the present day MyDolphinTM navigation app.


Powerful performance

Total cleaning and optimized water filtration, with gyroscopic navigation gadget for full cleansing insurance.


Easy to apply

The easiest, maximum efficient and low-cost answer for preserving your pool easy.


Peace of mind

Relax and experience your pool, understanding which you’re the use of the best and quality-promoting robotic pool cleaner.


Energy Saving

Energy green solution, that offers greater savings for each your utility payments and the environment.


best automatic pool cleaners Robot pool cleaners are fantastic pieces of technology that can autonomously entire their challenge shifting along the bottom of a pool and mountaineering its partitions to rid the surfaces of algae and dirt. These machines incorporate a cleansing section, that is required to provide powerful but quiet suction whilst also being electricity green.


Our products and solutions

To efficiently pass the wheels and brushes, and to generate the specified suction in robotic pool cleaners, ST offers a extensive variety of high-overall performance motor manipulate solutions for numerous kinds of motors, which include three-phase brushless and brushed DC, together with superior STM32 microcontrollers, electricity MOSFETs, gate drivers and incorporated motor drivers, all complemented by a full suite of hardware and software development gear to reduce design effort.

In addition, we’ve got quite a number AC-DC and DC-DC energy conversion and battery charging answers, collectively with quite a number environmental, motion and proximity sensors to help design smarter robot pool cleaners.


We provide first-class wireless robot pool cleaners, wi-fi far flung manage offers easy operation cleaning pool ground, partitions and water line simple shape, power saving, sturdy cleansing pre-placing characteristic available operating time and operation fame checking to be had automatic go back after out of water


A small remote controlled skimmer is designed to remove unwanted particles on your pool surface,so just revel in it and feature fun!


An effective device to lessen the clogging of your clear out gadget by means of debris together with excellent particles(pollen,seeds and so forth)


Dual meshes internet are provided for accumulating ok particles(leaves and first-class particle)

The patented reversible net holds and retains particles successfully

A ideal layout allows the skimmer easily gather debris on the threshold of pool

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